23rd gig: introducing the trumpet section

Tomorrow we’ll be making some festive noise at The Hippodrome Casino in London - so let’s round up the introductions with the trumpet section:

Stuart Brooks: has also gigged with Björk, has probably been your ear-worm many times as he’s ...played in 100s of films and TV shows, and he loves classic cars.

Will Smith: no, not THAT Will Smith... but this Will is just as good-looking, has his own West End show (Top Hat), and loves teaching.
Gabriel Garrick: has played for Princess Diana at Kensington Palace, started playing the trumpet when he was 7, and very wisely says "through music we can find the ultimate manifestation of life" - amen to that!
Sid Gauld: has also gigged with George Michael, has recorded on over 300 albums and he is definitely worth his weight in Gauld!

In case we haven't mentioned it enough, here's where you can get your tickets:

See you!! Can't wait!!!