Definition of Spice: An element providing interest and excitement.

Definition of Fusion: The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

Combine the two and that's what you get: Spice Fusion, a band with an exciting collection of music that spans across multiple styles, performed by some of the UK's finest, most talented musicians and singers.

Spice Fusion isn't about one type of music. It isn't about a fixed-size band. It isn't even about performing for a certain type of audience. Spice Fusion has, quite simply, got so much to offer. 

Spice Fusion comes in various guises and sizes - from a trio to a full 18-piece big band with a roster of wonderful singers to accompany the band. Not only do we do our own Spice Fusion gigs - we also support other amazing artists with their live shows.

Plus, we are available for private parties and corporate functions - we've got an extensive library of music to suit your requests, so whether you're into smooth jazz, pop, funk or soul, if you want some classy ambience for a special occasion or you want to rock the house down, we can do it! Find out more in the About section or just contact us for more information.

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"Trying Too Hard", Spice Fusion's debut album, is now available. Contact us to order a copy or have a listen here.

Jack Pack from Britain's Got Talent also regularly use Spice Fusion as their band for various gigs... Check out our photo gallery for some eye candy :) 

Spice Fusion comes in various sizes and guises - here's our 6-piece band backing Zoe Tyler at The Hippodrome CasinoDownload our promo pack for more information about how we can accommodate your requests!