23rd Dec Gig: Introducing the trombones section

Only a few days to go! Have you done your Christmas shopping and booked a night of fun with us at The Hippodrome Casino (on the 23rd)? We've been introducing you to the band, one section at a time - and now it's time to reveal who's in the trombone-section:

- Trevor Mires: is also Sir Tom Jones' trombonist, likes a healthy, balanced diet of commercial and creative projects, and is a bit of a globe-trotter - having been to over 80 countries!
- Andy Crompton: is also Director of the British Philharmonic Orchestra, has played on Dangermouse (how cool is that!!) and sometimes when he's not got his trombone on his lips, he sings a mean Jazz scat.
- Neil Sidwell: is also orchestrator for The X-Factor, has gigged with The Spice Girls (another one with a "Spice" theme going on here!), and we recommend you listening to his "Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas" on Soundcloud :)
- Mark Frost: is also trombonist for the BBC Big Band, started playing bass trombone aged 13 for a school band because he was the only one who could read the bass clef, and "Frosty" (as he's affectionately known) can down a pint before you've had time to blink.  

Next time we'll introduce you to the trumpets... see you soon!