Nothing beats live music where you can feel and enjoy the buzz, the atmosphere, the crowd, the band... it really is a case of "you had to be there to enjoy it". So although these videos only touch the surface, we hope you'll enjoy watching them, as they showcase the sort of stuff that we do. From our own material to well-known hits; from the big sized band to the smaller setups; with or without singers; from being in the forefront to backing other singers/groups... here's a little taster of what we're all about!

Snippet of Do I Do featuring Damien Flood from Spice Fusion's second album, Trying Hard 2. 

Snippet of Louisiana Sunday Afternoon featuring Miranda Wilford from Spice Fusion's second album, Trying Hard 2. 

Spice Fusion recording "Spain" (Chick Corea, Al Jarreau, Artie Maren) with Capital Voices (Annie Skates, Alison Jiear, Yona Dunsford, Andy Playfoot, David Combes, Lance Ellington) at Pool Studios, London. Arrangement by Simon Niblock. Also, listen out for the brilliant Tom Walsh solo on trumpet! Video filmed and produced by Jyoti Bansi.

Elliott Henshaw recently did some filming at Rubix Studio to promote their amazing facility (thanks to Bence Bolygo at Rubix Studio, Tina Clarke at Zildjian Cymbals and Jamie Corry at Active Music/Ludwig Drums). He performed a track that he wrote, which will be on our second album, "Trying Hard 2" - watch the space for release dates! The track - J.P. - features Fiona Asbury on soprano sax and Simon Bates on tenor sax. The arrangement was done by Simon Niblock and was recorded and engineered by Chris Traves

Spice Fusion Promo Video: Snippets of each song from the Trying Too Hard album can be heard in this video. It also highlights the musicians who played on the album: Eric Marienthal, Iain Mackenzie, Annabel Williams, Andy Greenwood, Tom Walsh, Tom Rees Roberts, Adam Linsley, Simon Niblock, Scott Garland, Sean Freeman, Simon Willescroft, Bob Sydor, Trevor Mires, Nichol Thomson, Simon Walker, Mark Frost, Adam Dennis, Andy Rumble, James Pusey, Simon Goulding, Mike Hamnett, Elliott Henshaw

The Spice Fusion 9-piece band live at The Boatyard, Leigh-On-Sea performing Donald Fagen's Green Flower Street.

Spice Fusion 18-piece band, live at The London Hippodrome Casino - 17th June 2014. Showing snippets of Hot Sauce with solos by James Treweek and Tom Walsh; Song For You sung by Giles Terera; God Bless The Child sung by Julie Maguire and a solo by Simon Niblock; Summer Night City sung by Julie Maguire and a solo by Simon Bates.  

Spice Fusion 18-piece band live at The London Hippodrome Casino on 23 Dec 2014. Here we see Giles Terera singing Al Jarreau's High Crime with the band. 

Spice Fusion 18-piece band live at The Hippodrome Casino in London: This video shows snippets of Giles Terera singing Stevie Wonder's Do I Do; Leon Russell's A Song For You; and Al Jarreau's High Crime. It also shows snippets of Miranda Wilford singing Billie Holiday's God Bless The Child; and Stevie Wonder's Another Star. Video montage courtesy of Jyoti Bansi.

Spice Fusion 18-piece band live at The London Hippodrome Casino: Don't you just love Julie Maguire singing this funky version of ABBA's Summer Night City?