23rd Dec gig: Introducing the rhythm section

We're all very excited about our gig on the 23rd of December at The Hippodrome Casino in London, and so our introduction to the band continues with our incredible rhythm section:

- Piano: Steve Corley - who is also Alison Moyet's MD, holds the record for the most consecutive Christmas day performances at Munsons coffee shop in Ealing (and always asks if he can leave his gear there until next year), and loves his allotment (earning him the #1 supplier of veg status to the Ealing music community)
- Guitar: Alan Wormald - also guitarist for Shakatak, lets his warped sense of humour get his guitar into overdrive, and loves Hawaiian shirts 
- Bass: Simon Goulding - has gigged with Robbie Williams, loves his Cuban coffee (which explains his highly energetic grooves) and the ladies adore watching him “make love” to his bass guitar (smooth moves, dude)
- Percussion: Mike Hamnett - resident percussionist at the Lion King since it started many moons ago, is very nimble with his sticks (he plays a 5-octave marimba), and loves tapas (can be regularly seen at any La Tasca)
- Drums: Elliott Henshaw - who is also Leo Sayer’s drummer, is so good with beats that he’ll also beat anyone at Scrabble, and his affection/respect can easily be bought with anything chocolatey

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd of December!