23rd Dec gig: introducing the sax section

We're very excited about our gig at The Hippodrome Casino on the 23rd of December - such a great way to kick-start Christmas! So who’ve we got lined up? Well, for starters, the sax section will be the same line-up as on the CD, Trying Too Hard - how wonderful is that! In no particular order, we have:

- Sean Freeman - also Sax Man for Level 42, curry-cook extraordinaire and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet
- Simon Willescroft - also Sax Man for Duran Duran, international jet-setter and getting married next year (don't tell the ladies!)
- Scott Garland - once upon a time played sax with the Spice Girls (notice the “Spice” pattern going on here?), known for reaching stratospheric notes and loves yoga
- Bob Sydor - multi-wind instrument expert, and you’ll have seen & heard Bob on the TV & radio thousands of times without even knowing it, avid collector of mouthpieces 
- Simon Niblock - also Sax Man for Tony Hadley, arranger for 100s of artists and owns a very loopy boxer dog (who sings when Simon practices his sax)

We’ll be updating you again soon with details of the next section! Meanwhile, get your tickets here: